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 “I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again. I’ve been a subscriber in three of Dave’s services – SRP, TPS and 3xETF for about a year now. Because I feel so highly in regards to Dave’s services and the performance I’ve experienced; my daughter, my brother and another friend have become subscribers to at least one of his services. I’m working on a couple other people as well😉 Dave thanks so much for all you do!” – 1/7/21- JTD26 on Stocktwits

“By the way I want to thank you once again for the amazing service you are offering…Have been a member of SRP for more than 4 years and I really have no words…only huge respect and gratitude…my account keeps growing steadily and consistently…it’s really a blessing for me and my family…The 3xETF service is a huge additional value to my portfolio and I plan to join more of your services very soon…” Bill L.  3x ETF and SRP Member 1/3/2022

“Your alerts and strategies seem to be right on, and now that I am paying a little better attention to the Setups,
my returns have really increased. And I have always enjoyed your thoughts and setups on the Emini’s. I still have
a few open contracts on the Micro ES and Micro YM. Got stopped out on the Micro NQ, on a silly Stop Position.
Watching my Real Risk, I have been able to expand my positions and broaden my scope.
Thank you, for the great Subscription Services.”  Robert T., SRP, 3x ETF, Futures member 12/30/21

August 2021 4 day swing trade for 20-36% gains in DLO (Post IPO Base Pattern we use often)

Review our various Swing Trading  and Long Term Growth Stock Subscription Services::

Swing Trading: Stocks, E-Mini SP 500 Futures Guidance, and 3x ETF Bull and Bear Securities   plus Long Term Growth Stock  services: Tipping Point Stocks (Aiming for 50-200% plus gains)

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Flagship Stock Swing Trading service since August 2009!  Details HERE

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$99 a month, $249 quarterly, $749 Annually  use code SAVE25 to save 25%!

SRP Stock Trading TRACK RECORD: Review 2019 through 2023 YTD swing trade results

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Sample list of CLOSED OUT swing trades Nov 2020:

11/27- Sold 1/2 PINS for 8-9% Gains (4 days)

11/27- Sold 1/2 PRVB for 9% Gains (16 days)

11/23- Sold 1/2 YETI for 9-10 Gains

11/19- Sold Final 1/2 CVAC for 28% Gains

11/16- Stopped out MWK for 15% Loss

11/15- Sold 1/2 TFFP for 15% gains

11/12- Sold Final 1/2 TRIT for 18% gains

11/12- Sold 1/2 CVAC for 16% Gains (3 days)

11/10- Sold 1/2 NFIN for 8-10% Gains (11.19)

11/9- Sold Final 1/2 FSR for 18-20% (13.45) Day 2

11/9- Sold final 1/2 CGC for 18-20% gains, day 2

11/9- Sold 1/2 FSR for 8-12% Gains, day 5

11/6- Sold 1/2 CGC for 9-11% gains on day 1

11/6- Sold 1/2 SDC for 8-9% Gains

11/5- Sold 1/2 SDC for 10% plus gains

10/30- Stopped out TFFP for 30% Loss

10/27- Sold ETON for 6-8% Gains


Dave goes over his contrarian methodologies that have produced consistently profitable swing trades over 11 years in all environments. Click the image to listen in!

Good morning!

Thank you for all of your hard work, time and consideration you put into the trade Alerts. You have helped me grow personally as a trader and even helped me in taking charge over my emotions at times! You are, in fact, a big part; responsible for helping my husband and I get financially strong. Especially in these times…how tremendously grateful we are for your service and all you offer! I appreciate how you professionally handle your trading rooms. Working with the public is always a challenge! Thank you for caring enough to be on the “front lines” of battle in the financial market, helping the everyday ordinary person! I pray wisdom and protection every morning for you and all you work with!  Thank you again!!!
God Bless,
Dominique Begin- SRP Member 4/1/2020

Bull and Bear Market Cycle Swing Trading

Individual Stock Swing Trading, 3X ETF Bull and Bear Trades, SP 500, and Sector Forecasts. We marry fundamentals and technical’s on every position alerted. All swing trades must pass our stringent tests on both to qualify as a swing trade. We have a proprietary “Burning Match” selling method that gets us out consistently with profits at the right time.


Read up on all our subscription offerings at  TheMarketAnalysts.Com

24/7 Email Access to Chief Strategist- Personalized Service unlike others


Dave is available nearly 24/7 to answer your personal e-mails often within minutes! Try getting that feature on any other advisory service!
Featured in the past on,, and Bloomberg along with many other investor based websites, our Chief Strategist is one of the top market forecasters in the world, this gives SRP members a near unfair advantage for swing trading and market knowledge.
Our SP 500 Forecasts are among the most accurate in the world among all Forecasters, just ask our SRP members,
this alone is worth the subscription price.

Market and Sector Forecasts using Elliott Wave Analysis

Proprietary Elliott Wave based analysis using up to 10 proprietary indicators for The SP 500 Index  and other sectors. Forecasts are updated Daily in Pre-Market along with all updated notes on every open trade position

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